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Project Description

In AD 60-61, queen Boudicca of the Essene tribe led the Celts fought against the Roman Empire. Before the battle, the queen took out a rabbit from her clothes and set it free to watch its escape direction, and that is the way to tell bad luck. The rabbit is a symbol of cunning, mystery and destruction, but also means harmless, docile, lovely, simple and other desirable characteristics. It will run in the wilderness, but also quietly enjoy the happiness of solitude in small Spaces. The rabbit never loses itself. The Artist Manci wish tribute to the indomitable human beings in the world through 313Rabbit and bring good luck to those who own it.
The setting of people is where the value of art is found. The starting price of Ms. Manci’s artwork, who created 313Rabbit, is determined by a Christie’s art expert, and 666 NFT pieces totaling $270,000 are scheduled to anchor the auction.
Address request:0xF1BCc45F4C1Ea904eF60581BB8AdA78F0c702A52
The sleep mode is only available for 666 amount of 313Rabbits and we will launch sleep rabbit once public sale is over. After launch, regular credits to the bonus pool in USDT will be made until it is fully equal to the cost of casting 666 Rabbits. Each rabbit that enters sleep mode is eligible for a single MINT bonus and has flexible sleep entry and cancellation options. When your Rabbit is enabled, your time will need to be recalculated if your Rabbit ends Rabbit Sleep before it has slept for 60 days. Rabbits who successfully complete the 60-day Sleep period are eligible for a MINT price USDT refund without destroying the NFT and the NFT belongs to hold address.
The rabbit will never let you down, it is the best animal to represent human’s heart.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

313RABBIT NFT Roadmap

Unlocking the Roadmap after 60 days, and 313Rabbit will be well known.

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