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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Big World Cup Qatar has come, as well this is time for 7LuX’s new collection. TeamLuX has created 2022 NFTs based on 20 qualified countries with Qatar for the finals thanks to the 7LuX project.

These are various styles and nationalities with new five shades of human-like skin colors, special national football team jersey and background football field for you. All traits in this collection are still looted in 7LuX concept representing each country’s uniqueness and culture along with playful, vivid, and eye-catching decorated accessories.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

7LuX NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
– Public Sale – 20k Unrevealed LuX Pass
– 7LuX’s Global Community on Discord for LuXer and FRENs
– Exclusive Giveaways for Only LuXer
– Giveaways for FRENS
– Collaborations with other NFT Collections
– Legal Team for Securing LuXer’s Rights & Privileges

Phase 2
– Entrepreneurial Hub for Global Connections
– Community-Driven Benefits for Creating and Supporting Infinite Advantages between LuXer
– LuXMerch
– Exclusive Rewards for LuXer (Monthly Criteria)
– Top Weekly Ranking of the 50 Countries Displayed on 7LuX Website

Phase 3
– Official Partnerships with Global Brands
– Events in both Digital and Real Worlds
– New Upcoming Projects
– Limited Whitelists for LuXer
– LuXCoin on the World’s Top Crypto Exchanges

Phase 4
– 7LuX Metaverse for Utilizing LuX to the Ultimate
– 7LuX’s Ecosystem for Creating, Trading, and Managing NFTs
– NFT 2.0 > 3.0 for Making LuX to Real-World Assets

Additional Info


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