808 Club by Apollo Beats - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

We are a music technology company that is creating a music marketplace, resource center and community to reshape the music industry. Our platform will allow users to buy and sell High Quality Beats/Sounds while integrating web3 technologies.
ENTRY to various Art Basel events
ACCESS to Art Basel activation event in December
Sk8 Maloley – Wiz Khalifa’s Signee / Taylor Gang artist
Headline Act – to be announced
A FREE Subscription to the music marketplace (or $500 credit to use on beats to invest in)
ACCESS to future season drops and partnered drops
AIRDROPS to 808 mystery boxes nfts
Will include a mix of prizes such as: bluechip NFTs, concert tickets, merch, credit to the beat platform and more
ACCESS to WORKSHOPS (Music Masterclasses)
ACCESS to IRL music events
First access to use the investing feature
Opportunities to collaborate with producers, artists, songwriters
Get seen by other music executives, labels, and management for potential placement/sync deals
The Platform:

1. We will allow collectors to invest in producers beats by fractionalizing beat royalties into NFT’s that will reflect a % of ownership to receive profits from sales on our platform.

2. We will make exclusive BEATS and Loops NFTs for various artists, labels, and fans to own a full beat outright and have copyright privileges to be able to sublease the beat purchased and make a profit.

3. We are creating a music resource center to fit the needs that someone in the music industry may need. This includes, but not limited to distribution, publishing , music album artwork, branding needs, marketing support, music video needs, access to industry executives, and more. This will be a marketplace similar to beatstars.com, splice.com, royal.io, and fiverr.com but solely focused on the music industry.

Apollo beats is launching Membership NFTS called the 808 club, and we are giving first access to our community to use these features to both upload and invest by owning our genesis NFT membership called the 808 club by Apollo Beats.
Our goal is to help advance music careers and support all music creators to make more income and find a path to financial freedom in the music industry

**mint price, date, & time will be revealed shortly

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

808 Club by Apollo Beats NFT Roadmap

2022 Q1

Business formation & initial fundraise
2022 Q2

Apollo Beats platform discovery & developer onboarding
2022 Q3

Begin Apollo Beats platform development

Launch the 808 Club membership, start community building
2022 Q4

Launch Apollo Beats V1.0 with web2 sound licensing
2023 Q1

Launch Apollo Beats V1.1 with web3 Invest-in-Beats & revenue fractionalization

Launch community expansion avatars, free-to-claim for 808 club members.
& Beyond

With the help of our community we have no plans to stop building.

Additional Info

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