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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The 1st experiential explorative NFT evolved from the Bored Ape Yacht Club into a journey for web3 explorers, investors, freedom-seekers, storytellers.
1000 Limited Ed. Tokens mintable exclusively by BAYC/MAYC owners
4000 Bored Ed. Tokens mintable by everyone

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

A Bored Year NFT Roadmap


ABY Phase 1 is the beginning of our adventure. Holders will be active participants, interactively exploring opportunities, perks, and experiences applied to web3 and IRL.

A Bored Year The Book will mark the beginning, it will be your key to enter the ecosystem and start your journey into this multi-phase experience, reaping its benefits, evolving your status and taking your chances.

As a holder of Phase 1 you will get first class access to every subsequent phase and its benefits and experiences. As the journey evolves from storytelling, Phase 1 holders will always be a step ahead and greatly rewarded.

Holders of both editions will be able to redeem a physical copy of ABY The Book for free and apply changes to the metadata to begin a new phase of storytelling

Opportunities, utility and rewards commence to unlock for holders exploring new avenues in the interaction between web3 and IRL

Technical dynamics will unlock to earn resources and exclusive opportunities

Holders will have a chance to write their own story as Authors, assisted by professional ghostwriters and editors, in a book released and distributed worldwide and collect Author royalties

A 3-day community party or retreat?

First draft of a web3 glamping resort chain

A completely unexplored wave of PFPs will be airdropped to all holders

The less you say, the more they wander

Additional Info


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