AdRunner - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Building the first metaverse advertising platform

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

AdRunner NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022
Adrunner NFT Minting

Mint 10,000 NFTs to create the community that will own the project.

Q2 2022
Prototype showcasing

Start acquiring high-value land plots and ad placing rights in the metaverse to showcase our products – AdBoxes. Develop customized 3D impressions that will best illustrate the lack of limitations found in the meta space. Land plots will only be acquired for initial stages before the automated platform is launched.

Q2 2022
AdRunner Gen Z NFT – breeding and sale

Release 10,000 of the next and last collection of AdRunner NFTs. Only 5,000 AdRunner Gen Z NFTs will be minted, while the remaining 5,000 will be bred by first generation AdRunner NFT holders.

Q4 2022
DAO, Governance, and partnerships reveals

Decentralization is at our core, so want our project to be community run. In this phase will Implement DAO and governance tools followed by monthly partnership reveals that our community will help generate together with the AdRunner team.

Q1 2023
AdRunner platform launch

The platform will enable meta-estate owners to generate AdBoxes on their surfaces, thereby automating the process and removing the need to actively acquire land plots and ad placing rights. AdBoxes will be upgraded to become interactive, even more engaging and attention capturing. At this stage AdRunner will also enter the world of AR.

Happy ever after
AdRunner platform scale up

45% of turnover will be spent on motivating meta-estate owners to engage and on upgrading and scaling up the platform. The community will make sure the AdRunner platform is compatible with any new and promising metaverse platforms that will inevitably emerge in the future.

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