Afirix - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

*afirix community

Stage 1

Launch of our website and official links.
Building the best project and community ever.
10,000 alien nft supply and launched on the eth blockchain.
.Open room for partnership and collaboration.
Contest and giveaways events

…………………………………..Stage 2

.Wl spots giveaways and mint price /date planing
Mint website update and wallet submission.
Pre-sale and minting
.Afirix nft reviews by holders.

………………………..Irix token airdrop on every nft minted and staked.

.Free mint for holders of 5+ aliens of the reserved collection.
And distribution of welcome gifts (a polo, hoodie, & a hat) to primary purchasers.

Holders festival at spain with awarding golden prices and roles according to holding capacity with irix tokens added and community tools..Donation to environmental preservation and charity maintenance organisation.

Game launch and access with irix token airdrop of game characters and irix token to holders.
Race exposure and characters selection and token winning from kills.
Game character, weapon and boost buying with irix tokens.
Irix token exchange for items at merch store, game market place and trading platforms.
. $2000 mystery unlock contest for holders of 5+ aliens (5 winners) every chosen full moon.

Exclusive whitelist spots for the next 3d moving art collection for 3+ alien holders with right to get exposure on our launch pad, with support from the team to build their project, with advice and awareness creation for them in our launch pad and social media and discord being a supporter and investor.
We will share of dividends gotten from games, merch store opened in so many countries around the world near our holders, trading platforms and more

New phase plans and utility begins……………………….

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Afirix NFT Roadmap


A collection of 10000 unique “AFIRIX” characters are living in Ethereum Blockchain. We’re in this for the long run.


We Pay back to our investors . Who have supported us since the start of thisproject .

We will release our 7 exclusive Aliens and airdrop to random members

We initiate the preparation & distribution the welcome gifts to all our community members (A Polo, Hoodie & a Hat) *ONLY FOR PRIMARY PURCHASER*

Member Exclusive AFIRIX Merch Store gets unlocked

Mysterious note become legible, who solve the mystery will be rewarded 1 ETH each (max 10 winners ) . If one person solves will walk away with 10 ETH .

The AFIRIX liquidity pool gets activate

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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