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Project Description

Backed by and Froyo Games, designed and created by celebrity producer, Jeric T.

Agent1 is a GameFi NFT that renders its visuals based on holders’ actions & wallet contents. It lets you play, build & earn, as it “polymorphs and grows” with each trade & transaction.

Only a limited 10,001 exists, as holders’ merge them to form Super Agent1s.

Each holder is an investor and gains access to the Metaverse Game,, playable with Early Access (see:

Rent, buy & sell lands. Play, earn tokens, and sell them for ETH and cash.

This is an evergreen project, with weekly development & updates, adding value to the project, NFTs and community.

Running on the main Ethereum chain, with parts on other chains to increase compatibility throughout the crypto space.

Check out the 10,000 selling out AGENT1 NFTs now!

The project has an on-going roadmap for 2022 to 2026, documented & revealed at

Weekly updates & development to grow and evolve with NFT holders in the space, providing innovative & rewarding experiences.

With more than US$10,000 worth of rewards having been distributed, including HTC VR devices, ETH, cash prizes. Just check in with the hundreds of users in the community.

FREE to mint, increasing & added value NFTs, so don’t miss it!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

AGENT1 – The Morphing NFT Game NFT Roadmap

First 303 buyers can request for early upgrades of their Agent1s when “The Backdoor” opens. 11 Agent1s will be randomly dropped to holders.

Agent1s and this portal will learn and gain NEW colors. Launch the Agent1 Points system.

More features unlocked for the community and eco-system. 50% of royalties pumped to promote & expand the project. Website features & art will be auctioned for holders to own a part of history.

Reveal MetaVerse project trailer + Music video. Surprise Airdrop to 2002 random Agent1 minters, even if they sold. Release official soundtrack on Spotify, Apple worldwide.

Launch The Backdoor. Start sending out invites for Early Access to the MetaVerse game. Agent1s appear in the MetaVerse 3D game for 3 years.

Additional Info

Nov 18, 2022 (13:00 EST, 18:00 UTC)

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