AlienSpaceCraft - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

AlienSpaceCraft is collection of collectible that contains 648 unique Gif NFTs forever living in the polygon blockchain. Those tokens are minted with a solidity contract ERC1155, and you can buy or exchange with any ERC token. How to participate in the giveaway !!? We started with 40 NFT, 12 of them had left and transferred to their new owners, 28 NFT available. To participate in the giveaway is to easy, you need 3 steps to own your Alien NFT, there is only 28 token available before 28/Feb for the first 28 persons. Step 1 : Check our collection on opensea link : Step 2 : Chose your Alien, like it and make an offer of 0.009Eth and cancel it (The team will transfer the token to your wallet) Step 3 : Follow us on Twitter, discord and Instagram The AlienSpaceCraft concept, is an animated token that contain 3 categories of Alien : Golden, Green and grey. The color of the alien will not affect the rarity of the token, but the attributes will affect the rarity, so we invite you to check our website to get the best alien rank “AlienSpaceCraft.nft”. Website Available in the first of Mars. The oppotunity is there, is time to get your Alien, hurry up 40 NFTs for the first 40 persons.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

AlienSpaceCraft NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 : Janvier 2022 Social media sites (twitter, discord, telegram, etc.) launched Generate collection of AlienSpaceCraft GIF Official website launched & smart contract deployed

Phase 2 : February 2022 Deploy 648 unique GIF NFT Giveaway for 40 NFT Define the Rarity of each NFT

Phase 3 : Seconde Quarter 2022 Generate collection of 186 3D board Generate collection of 186 3D dices Giveaway of the complimentary collection Start the big promotion on discord and social media

Phase 4 : Third Quarter 2022 Lunch the first 3D game test Start the Metaverse project More functions, more activities in planning

Additional Info

AlienSpaceclub NFTs collection is a project that aims to develop a game in the next quarter of 2022, other complimentary project will be lunched soon.