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Project Description

Anthros is the first step in an immersive and gamified experience that seeks to bring people together and create communities of communities. Connect with others, hunt for clues that will reveal secrets in the real world and online, and celebrate all aspects of humanity.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Anthros NFT Roadmap

What is reality?

Sometimes the things you find on the path are digital. Sometimes they aren’t, like real-world merch and schwag that heralds the coming of the Anthros. Seek out knowledge of the Path, and show others the way.
A visage of the future.

The Path demands devotion, and is not for the faint of heart. What will you do to earn your place on it? Participate in competitions and show your devotion to the Anthros cause.
Tea Leaves
Seek the signs.

If you listen, the Path will speak to you. If you look, you may find the connections that bind us all. Scavenger hunts across the web and the world will yield rewards.
Life marches on.

What will you see, when time is done with you? Is it ever truly done? Those on the Path will evolve, surely as the sun rises and world turns. Traits evolve as the story unfolds in many different veins.
Mana comes in many forms.

The Path demands, and you give. But it gives back, and the gifts of the Path will prepare you for the future. An airdropped on-chain game will let you craft powerful tools for the future.
Unity is its own reward.

Together, we will rise. Actions across the internet will yield tangible results.
Salvation or merely salve?

REDACTED is the answer. REDACTED brings REDACTED to the REDACTED. Fear not.
The Market
True freedom is held by all.

The Path teaches us all that together, we are wise, and together, we will rise. A place to trade our hard-fought earnings, out of view of the megacorps. The rising tide will lift us all. A free and open marketplace to trade the bounties of the Anthros.
Where does the Path lead?

Revolution of the mind, revolution of the spirit. The emancipation of value, by and for the citizens of the world. Here, your value is truly free of the fetters of the iron fists of the world.

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