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Project Description

Discover AKC Pixel

Don’t know if they were created or if they already existed, but simply discovered 5,000 ape Kids in a club some not yet discovered others have already performed. But everyone is so cute and friendly, hope you like it as much as LOVE it.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ape Kids Club Pixel NFT Roadmap


0% – Welcome to Ape Kids Club Pixel:
Join our Discord group and social media to receive exclusive project news.

40% – Sweep the floor:
1 ETH to maintain the project’s minimum price.

70% – Invest in our Baby Club:
Invest in our Baby Club: Will deposit 2ETH for project development, marketing and utilities.

100% – It’s time for true OWNERS:
3 ETH draws for holders!

Additional Info


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