Apeish - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

3500 epic organic Apes with different faces , expression and rarity will be unleashed on the ethereum blockchain to bring Real Apes holders together with same accord , values and positive drive to build a strong and profitable community.

1st collection with consistent upgrades to individual art with owners permission to increase value for holder .Be prepared to join the jungle .

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Apeish NFT Roadmap

We won’t over promise and don’t deliver so 50% royalties to be given back to super loyal holders overtime that place value on art and community growth.

Roadmap will be community driven especially since web 3 spaces changes quickly ,so we will love to stay current and have a high end creative, innovative and profitable road map .

Tokenization of our NFT or staking will depend on the community choice, positive drive and growth.

We will giveaway 2-4 NFTs price range $ 5 -150 notable with strong community , art work and maintained floor price to loyal community members weekly and it starts now . Number of NFT increases as community and project grow to build a strong brand.

Apeish will be freemint , We will launch in 3 phases :

Phase 1: WL mint :2000 -2500 NFTs .

Premint WL OG Selected 2 mint per wallet (400 winners)

Premint Allow list 1 mint per wallet (1000winers)

Premint WL for collabs/ partners 1 mint per wallet

Phase 2: 200-500 rare apes to be airdropped within 1month period to OG who holds Nft and place the right value on collection .

Phase 3 :500nft will be locked and gifted to collab/project managers/partners

Staking remains an option whiles we grow.We plans to bring together the best mods/project managers /web developers if all thing work in our favor to maximize profits for holders.

Apeish seeks for the Web 3 space to once again enjoy the Artwork put out here by Great web 3 artist working tirelessly to make it possible for you and me to hold amazing memorable NFTs .

Total supply subject to change base on market demand LFAPE.

Please remember mint date subject to change base on market demand .Freemint remains unchanged.

100nft will be released to selected few for Opensea contract and royalty approval, Apeish exhibition and promotion.

Finally we looking at 3500 total supply but depends on resources and demand we might be looking at 5000 total supply or less.


Additional Info



Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!