Attidude - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A collection of cool and unique men proudly living on Ethereum Blockchain.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Attidude NFT Roadmap

Project Launch

The launch takes place in 2 rounds
Round 1 (Presale) for whitelisted early access sale.
Round 2 The main sale launch for everyone .

60% Sale

At 60% sale will create Attidude Fund and put down 5% of all sale into it.This fund will be use to support local cause and child education across the world.

90% sale

At 90% sale will buy land in sandbox to show our art in metaverse and collab with other well established nfts to make a meet up space.

Sold Out Air Drop

As a holder of primary Attidude nft, Members are entitled to all future project airdrops,incuding Attidude V2.0.which will be launch within 4 months of project sold out

Attidude Store

The Launch of Attidude Store.Where members can redeem their free merch.Members get exclusive deals on other various products too.


Future roadmap steps depend on members voting.Members will vote and Community viewpoint and feasibility will decide next steps

Additional Info