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Project Description

About the Game: The Banana Kingdom is a an upcoming RTSMMO blockchain game where players use 5 different base element tokens to craft the weapon-and-gear NFTs they’ll need to battle for the top spot in the game. Play solo as a nomadic Wanderer of the Kingdoms 4 regions or battle for land and status as part of a regional tribe. In the Banana Kingdom, your crafting materials and battle earnings are tokens, your weapons, gear, tool sets, rank, tribes regional status-class and Kingdom lands are all NFTs that give you different avenues to earn and expand your tribe and turf.
About this Mint: Battle Kong’s are 12,000 randomly generated PFP avatars with over 750 unique rarity traits hand designed over a 7 month period from 2021-2022. Each Kong represents your ownership of one plot of land in one of the Banana Kingdom’s 4 regions. Rock your Kong any way you want with full personal and commercial IP rights. Holders receive 20% of all tokens spent on their land and 5% of tournament prize winnings earned by tribes on their land. Holders also get access to a custom land dashboard with features that help maximize earnings and player retention. That’s just the beginning, learn more about the full benefits of land ownership @ the official Banana Kingdom site. The BK is an AFG project.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Banana Kingdom Land Sale NFT Roadmap

Pre-Game KongQuest (ENDED)
Battle Kong Limited Mint Pass (ENDED)
Banana Kingdom Land Sale (October 15, 2022)
Mint My KongQuest NFTs (Q4 2022)
Launch Banana Token (Q4 2022)
Launch Land Map (Q4 2022)
Launch Land Dashboard (2023)
Launch Game (2023)
View Complete Roadmap Through 2024

Additional Info

9/4 Update: Allowlist raffle winners will only pay 0.08 ETH per mint. Public sale price will be 0.1 ETH

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