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Next NFT Drop

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15% Off during Access List Mint Date

Mint Date – October 14th 2022
Enter a Raffle to get on the Early “Access List” of the BeerDAO
The BeerDAO is giving back to every holder in the future by airdropping a governance token ($PINTS). This will allow everyone to have a say in how the Brew / Beer Platform is run and how and where the breweries go to ensure that the community always comes first.
Started by veteran brewery owners and operators that have been in the crypto space since 2016, the founders have always wanted to bridge Beer and the Blockchain. Have created a very sustainable approach to creating an amazing coop and membership program that will benefit all the holder tremendously.
Holders will get a fixed percentage off at participating locations and online. Will have different rewards that are unique to each tier and everyone will be eligible to create their own labeled beer if they hold enough $PINTS.
BeerDAO has partnered were the innovators of the Edible Six Pack Ring that has been used far and wide from Corona to Guinness and in over 30 countries.
Redeem $PINTS for FREE BEER!!!
Mint Price – 3 Price Tiers –
Founder – 1 ETH (.85 ETH during Early Mint)
BrewMaster – .5 ETH (.425 ETH during Early Mint)
Connoisseur – .12 ETH (.10 ETH during Early Mint)
Past Collaboration with BAYC Basel 2021

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BeerDAO NFT Roadmap

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