Beyer x FTSY8 Time Warp Collection - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

As the world’s oldest watch store, Beyer Chronometrie located in Zurich Switzerland, we believe in the new and the unknown as much as we believe in tradition and craftsmanship.
That’s why – 262 years after our founding – we are once again entering new territory by presenting our first NFT collection.
In collaboration with FTSY8 Fictional Studios we have created a selection of collectible NFT watches.
The Time Warp Collection explores the intersection between traditional watchmaking and the aesthetics of technology, gaming, fashion, and streetwear.

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Additional Info

Swiss watch NFT Collection in collaboration between FTSY8 Fictional Studios and the world’s oldest watch store. 262 years after its foundation Beyer Chronometrie in Zurich, Switzerland enters new territory again. Besides Rolex, Hublot and other Swiss watch manufactures, Beyer runs the only dealer-operated Patek Philippe flagship store in Switzerland.