Bold Badgers Squad - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Each Bold Badger is unique and randomly generated with a variety of attributes from more than 170 traits, including furs, outfits, headwear and much more.

All badgers are bold, but some are rarer than others depending on the nature and number of attributes they bear. That being said, there are a few badgers that are even rarer but they usually hide deep inside the burrow. Explore and you might stumble upon one.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Bold Badgers NFT Roadmap

Release the BADGERS:
On August 27th, the Bold Badgers land on Solana.

Collaborative badgers are entering the scene:
Throughout the mint, Badgers with exclusive attributes linked to famous players in the Solana ecosystem will appear. Obtaining one of these Badgers will grant 20 SOL to its owner.

Opening of the secondary market in Solana:
At the end of the mint, you will be able to sell and buy Bold Badgers on Solanart, the benchmark marketplace on Solana with more than 100M dollars volume.

Merchandise and contests:
More than an NFT, the Bold Badgers will become a lifestyle. Competitions will be organized to win prizes of your favorite Badgers.

Let’s decide what to do next:
Community is the heart of the Bold Badgers project. We will decide together the direction to follow for the most badass Squad in Solana.

Additional Info