Bonfire Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Bonfire Club is a progressively developing NFT platform providing visitors and holders blazing insights on NFT’s through offerings such as tools, rarity rankings, news, and more.

Our platform will be open to everyone, however owning a Flame Head will give exclusive access and perks within Bonfire Club.

There are 8,888 Flame Heads stored as ERC-721 tokens burning throughout the Ethereum blockchain. Join us to be a part of the hottest upcoming platform within Web3.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Bonfire Club NFT Roadmap

Pre – Launch

– Bonfire Club will spark its presence through extensive marketing strategies and natural growth
– Whitelist opportunities will be given out to qualifying members of our community
– Contests, giveaways, and AMA’s will be held
– A developmental version of Bonfire Club will be previewed prior to launch

Minting Day

– 8,888 Flame Heads will be minted at launch
– Whitelisted members will be given first access to mint a Flame Head
– The public mint will occur 24 hours after the private sale with precautions being taken to help prevent gas wars
– Flame Heads will be revealed shortly after public mint

Post – Mint

– Owners will receive access to our private Discord channels while development continues
– Finishing developmental changes will occur for the platform
– Regular progress updates will be given out to our community
– Each holder will have voting power within Bonfire Club, 1 Flame Head = 1 Vote

Bonfire Club Launch

– The first version of Bonfire Club will be released
– Phase two of our marketing plan will take place, bringing more awareness to the newly launched platform
– Bonfire Club will work with NFT teams seeking to be listed & potential partnerships
– As Bonfire Club evolves, Our holders requests will be taken into account for future features
– Roadmap V.2 to be released

Additional Info

Different opportunities on how to get whitelisted will be mentioned on our Twitter and Discord. You can apply to become whitelisted at the bottom of the page.