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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Bringing the magic of classic video game music to the world of NFT’s

Boomerang Tang’s music offers a nostalgic experience of classic video game music. 6,442 tracks make up our library. The tracks are full length from 3 to 7 minutes in duration all with their own sound characteristics. Each track has a number of traits, these include five major effects, four minor effects, twelve type traits, and one vision trait, inspired by chip tune, 8bit, and classic video game music.

The manual upload of the first 4,800 tracks to Opensea will begin on the 6th of August 2022 with a limited amount available every 24 hours.

A full track is available on Opensea for you to listen to.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Boomerang Tang NFT Roadmap

New Game
(Uploading Stage)

At the start, we will be putting the finishing touches to the initial release of the project and begin the uploading process of our first collection.

Ask that you hold tight.

Its no easy task uploading 4,800 tracks To Open-sea.
Track will be available to purchase as we upload them, a certain amount of stock will be available each day
Level 1

will begin “Tims Tips” This will be a series of videos and interactions on discord, where you can ask questions about the tracks, the project and tims musical process.
Construction will also begin on our own NFT marketplace, for future sales.

Will also donate 100 Xbox’s to the uk based charity ‘get well gamers’.
‍’get well gamers’ is a charity who make it their mission to get gaming consoles into children’s wards throughout Great Britain.
Level 2

Will start work on an app.
The App will enable you to make your own8-bit inspired music.

Also start construction of “boomerang tang land”
this will be a structure in sandbox meta-verse for everyone to visit, interact and see Tim’s music assets
Level 3

you all would have invested a fair amount into boomerang tang and continuing
Tim’s NFT adventure.
And all thank you.
Tim wants to use “emulated” Commodore 64’s sounds that are responsible for that iconic
musical genre. Will be releasing a new collection called, “Sid Chip Tang” . These will be released on our own marketplace. Consisting of 1,632 new NFTs, using the sounds that were heard throughout bedrooms of the 80’s.
“These will come in handy”
Level 4

100% of the tracks are sold
Tim will also release 10 origin, “super mega ultra rare’, mixed and mastered tracks.Ten tracks, available via discord giveaway competition.
these will give you the ability to potentially make 96 NFT tracks
just like Tim, You will also get a live one to one tutorial on the “tang trait method” from Tim himself, plus receive a free Mix-craft Project file of your track and plugins.In order to enter, you must hold both NFT’s from the first and the second collections,

Additional Info

Visit our website to learn more and join us on the discord.