Cable Monkeys - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Cable Monkeys NFT is a unique NFT collection of 5,555 Cable Monkeys generated from over 150+ computer generated traits. The team , artist and developers have worked on this project for over 4 months now, focusing on the development and quality of art Our goal is for your investment to be highly profitable while standing out from all other projects and focusing on the quality of the art . Some traits will be common , rare and super rare.

Meaning they will appear from a variety of times , to several times , to only once. All cable monkeys are custom generated and will be launching in the Ethereum Blockchain On launch day you will be able to mint a cable monkey for 0.095 ETH . This can change depending on the price of ETH during launch.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Cable Monkeys NFT Roadmap

  • 10% – Monkeys Incoming!

To Celebrate Our Discord at 2,500 Members , There will be a raffle of 5 Very Rare Cable Monkeys , To 5 discord members ! To achieve this milestone , we all need to work together as a cooperative monkey civilization to make our discord and Instagram community thrive !

  • 25% – The Takeover Begins !

The Takeover begins here! We will focus on major marketing campaigns, floor sweeps , reduce of supply , community push and we will launch Cable Monkey merchandise during this phase

  • 50% – Cable Monkeys Together!

Cable Monkey NFT members are invited to our first of many exclusives events giving you access to high valued entrepreneurs , artists , producers , investors , designers and other influential individuals will be in attendance . All information regarding the event details will be provided in our official discord and social media pages

  • 75% – MetaPlug Airdrop !

The first 50% of our holders will receive a Cable Monkey MetaPlug airdropped to their wallets , which will give them exclusives access to a list of different utilities , 1 is getting exclusive access to our Limited 2nd NFT drop . Another is being able to use the MetaPlug in the Metaverse for different purposes . More information about our 2nd drop will be provided in our official discord and social media pages !

  • 100% – Metaverse Takeover !

It’s time for Cable Monkeys to take over the Metaverse ! Join us in our journey throughout the Metaverse on the sandbox platform where users will be able to participate in educational activities , private events , concerts , along with other fun interactive and gaming experiences including PVP where they will have the ability to play and earn additional crypto assets. Our holders will have the creative power and ability to help decide what actually gets built and implemented in our virtual world of the official Cable Monkey Estate via The Sandbox Game .

  • 110% – Just Getting Started

As we continue our journey together throughout the physical and virtual world , we look forward to expanding on our future plans and will be updating our community as we go !

Additional Info

We are creating a CableMonkey currency to shape the future of our community! The goal of CableMonkeys has always been beyond just creating an ordinary 2D piece of art. It stems much further and constantly pushes us to stand out in our very own unique ways by providing an unmatched community and utility experience like no other! With that being said, we are excited to announce our $METAPLUG token! Every CableMonkey holder will be able to claim 20 $METAPLUG tokens per day for a period of 5 years. You will be able to spend your $METAPLUG tokens on wearables, weapons, vehicles, art, and many other additional assets to enhance your blockchain gaming experience! There will only ever be 5555 CableMonkeys in the original collection and they will produce a total of 36,500,000 $METAPLUG tokens per year for a period of 5 years.