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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Catalina Sharks is a collection of 1010 Sharks NFT 🦈, a collectoin built on the principles of utility and community.
Owning a Shark will allow you to access a fully $SOL passive income process trough a Fun Play to Earn Game 🎮, Staking 💰 and a bunch of upcoming 100% profitable mechanisms ✔️.

10 “1/1 Sharks” are randomly buried in the 1010 Catalina Sharks, Holders of them will Benefit from a x5 income 🔥

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Catalina Sharks NFT Roadmap

Community :
It’s clear to us that the only way the project is successful is with a strong and engaged community. We feel that it’s crucial to Reward Our Holders. That’s why we’ll Give 65% Of Incomes to Holders, (50% On Staking, 10% On P2E Game & 5% on SOL Giveaways) and that’s how we will be looking to connect with our community and develop a strong bond. Will also let the community be a part of the evolution of the project by voting and creating the upcoming events.

Mint :
1010 Catalina Sharks will be raised from the oceans to dominate the Solana block chain.
10 « 1/1 Sharks » Will be randomly buried in the 1010 Catalina Sharks, (one « 1/1 Shark » on every 101 Minted) Ps: The Unique 20 Nfts will be valued x5 in The Staking phase.

A Fun to play Play to earn game will be launched for holders to win SOL.
20% of Mint & Royalties Incomes Will Be Given to the Holders as rewards in The P2E Game.
The Highest 5 scores will Win every 24 hours 1.5 SOL / 1.25 SOL / 1 SOL / 0.75 SOL / 0.5 SOL.

1010 Catalina Sharks Unleashed from all over the 7 seas to reward you with $SOL.
50% of Mint & Royalties generated revenue Will Be Given to the Holders as Staking passive income.
Holders of The 10 « 1/1 Sharks » Will Benefit from a x5 income.

The Catalina Sharks official merch will be Launched only for Holders to connect physically with their Sharks and to build a Strong connection with the Project.
The Holders of « 1/1 Sharks » will be Given their 3D Realistic Version.

2nd Mint :
The Pixel version of the Previous Catalina Sharks will be launched And Airdropped to the Whales of Catalina Sharks.


Additional Info

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