ChaneKes NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

First Drop of ChaneKes NFT Collection with half supply. Unique opportunity to get a ChaneKe NFT from 1.25 SOL (WL price, 1.5 SOL public price). Mexican Project with a IRL Business behind it.

ChaneKes will be used to receive discounts and tokens to use Kekuul, a platform which mix fiverr and crowdfunding into the crypto world.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

ChaneKes NFT NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

Early access to ambitious projects:

As you know, one of the tools of KEKUUL is the Crowdfunding section. That is why KEKUUL has early access to different ambitious projects. By having a ChaneKe you will also have access to these early and guaranteed. (Includes Whitelist of different projects).

Early Access to the Platform:

ChaneKe owners will always have early access to the beta phases of the platform and any new developments within it.

Big Discounts:

In KEKUUL every day we are working so that different companies, establishments, platforms and others, offer benefits and discounts to the owners of a ChaneKe.


Generate pasive income by Staking your ChaneKe

Phase 2

Special Merch:

As the fundraising process progresses, we will launch different merch that will be exclusively for the owners of a ChaneKe.

Discounts on the Platform:

Having a ChaneKe guarantees that you will not pay many commissions within KEKUUL and you will also have additional discounts within the platform.


KEKUUL owners will periodically receive KUULKOIN Airdrops (the KEKUUL utility token).

Additional Info

(FIRST DROP- 1000 supply)

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