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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Chubby Grubby is a collection of 10,000 grubbies snacking on the Ethereum blockchain. This project represents the artistic expression of a fully grown adult who desperately desires to revert back to a childlike state of unrestricted eating, whimsy, and absence of any real responsibilities
This project has a clear goal – to redistribute royalty revenue back to its community in perpetuity. It is a FREE mint and thus accessible to the entire NFT ETH blockchain space. 50% of royalty revenue will be reallocated to token holders in a random fashion. This will be performed by randomly selecting token numbers every 3 days, then airdropping ETH into the wallets holding those tokens. Chubby Grubby has a 10% creator earning.
As an example – if Chubby Grubby trades 600 ETH volume in 3 days, there will be 60 ETH in royalty revenue, so 50% of that revenue – 30 ETH – would be randomly distributed amongst 10 wallets in the form of 3 ETH airdrops each. If that is too much math for you, then may God have mercy on your soul.
All twitter-based, no discord, no bullshit
10,000 ERC-721 tokens
255 traits
5 legendary

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Chubby Grubby NFT Roadmap

1. Free Mint

2. Maximize Chubbiness

3. Listen to Chubby Grubby Anthem on repeat (see next section)

4. As a community, establish arbitrarily high floor price >10 ETH

5. Maintain Grubbiness

6. Utility mechanic (50% royalty revenue redistribution every 3 days)

7. Immense profit; internet breaks

Additional Info



WL Mint: August 27, 9am CDT
REVEAL: August 28, 12PM CDT

1,200 spots given out on Twitter, no special requirements except following our Twitter

No discord. You won’t have to whore yourself out for a whitelist spot. No offense if you are an actual prostitute – make that money don’t let it make you 🤫

Follow us and sign-up through Premint