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Project Description

💡Project Description
We aims to realize a society full of “Opportunities” through NFT, not just “Donations”. Founders can prepare for the generative release with an initial investment of 0 yen, and the CLOSEPA community will provide support from start-up to MINT, as well as after MINT. The main utility of the “ClosePa Premium Pass” is to build the CLOSEPA economic zone, with SBT at the core of the ecosystem, and to create a sustainable project design that is not dependent on MINT sales and secondary sales commissions. The project design is sustainable and not dependent on MINT sales and secondary sales commissions.
The support cost is not zero yen, as we will receive a commission from MINT sales. We will inform you of all commissions in advance.
✅Main Utility of Holders
– Can get a lot of “AL of Japanese NFT projects”.
– Can know a lot of “Japanese amazing creators”.
– Can learn “Japanese NFT ecosystem”.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

ClosePa Premium Pass NFT Roadmap

– Support Japanese creators as business consultant.
– Don’t rely on Mint sales and secondary sales commissions.
– Expand Japanese NFT projects to the world.

Additional Info

💡MINT Details
✅Mint Date: 11/30 21:00 JST
✅price 0.025ETH, 2MINT/wallet
✅NFT Collection Size : 1500
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