Crazy Granny NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Crazy Granny creates a system where all the STAKERS will be able to win BIG PRIZES every month starting from BIG NFTs to MERCH to EGLD and other Elrond TOKENS and very important thing nowadays, WL for other PROJECTS.
Granny is giving away all she got. If you do not have a Granny, GET YOURSELF ONE.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Crazy Granny NFT NFT Roadmap

Establish the community and begin partnerships with other projects from elrond community.

Start weekly contests on our discord with crazy prizes in EGLD, NFTs, LKMEX + one crazy game on discord with huge prizes.
The minting begins, grannies will start preparing their gifts on elrond blockchain.
Staking mode on!
So here starts the crazy part of the journey.

Stake your grany on our website to be eligible every month for granny’s crazy gift:
NFTs from hot collections, NFTs from new collections, WL Spots, EGLD, LKMEX, merch and more.

Another Crazy game this time only for our members with amazing prizes.
10% of the funds will be staked in maiar to participate on the launchpad lottery and all profits will be shared to our members.
The Adventures Continues, V2

Additional Info

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