Crypto Bitchez - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Welcome to phase one of Crypto Bitchez as this is where the story begins! This is an NFT project with defi elements that will take you on a journey throughout the Ethereum Blockchain. The key to this expedition centers around what is known as the Blingy Token. As embark on this adventure, the Blingy Token will allow you to mint new and intoxicating Crypto Bitchez. As if this wasn’t enough already, as this project continues to evolve, the Blingy Token will have a large variety of ‘use cases’ going forward. Ultimately, it will be used to buy and feed these Crypto Bitchez whatever their little hearts desire. You name it: designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, companions, cars, vacations, houses, land, etc. These Bitchez love their bling and the Blingy Token will enable them to get everything they’ve ever dreamed of and fantasized about. So, buckle up and be prepared as embark on a voyage into the Metaverse and beyond.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Crypto Bitchez NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

Project Launch

Phase 2:

Once all the Crypto Bitchez have been minted, the next ‘use case’ for the Blingy Token will be to unite your Bitchez with their favourite pets.

Phase 3 and Beyond:

As this story unfolds, and take this journey into the future together, will constantly be rolling out more and more ‘uses cases’ for the Blingy Token. Want to make sure our Crypto Bitchez are comfy, stylish, well looked after and get all the bling they deserve! It’s very important that these Bitchez are happy as they embark into the Metaverse! Here’s an example of some of the future ‘use cases’ the Blingy Token will have and what it will be able to purchase:

parcels of land
designer shoes, purses, clothing and accesories

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