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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Welcome to The CFARM Art Studio.

The Crypto Farm Art studio is a private collection of NFTs unique digital collectibles.

Crypto Farm nft (Cfarm):

are a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that’s living on the solana blockchain. it include cats camels lynxes goats sheep cows and chicken, The Crypto Farm nft collection also includes dozens of rare heads eyes, mouths backgrounds costumes, and colorways of the artist’s palette..

The Crypto Farm nft universe is Yours This is because we use Your opinion moving forward your trust in us gives us the strength to continue to the best.

Your crypto farm is your membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Crypto farm NFTs NFT Roadmap


PHASE 1 – 2022 Completed

Generat 10k NFT on Solana blockchain Based on the current situation the mint date will be sometime in january 2023 . This will enable us to build up community numbers in order to achieve a sell-out of the 10k generative collection.


Half complete PHASE 2 – 2023

FROM DIGITAL TO REAL PRODUCT : holding a crypto Farm Nft is your key to connect between web 2.0 and web 3.0, that mean Cfarm NFT Merch lets you showcase your NFTs to the fullest in physical form(1/1 NFT Merch), such as shirts, bags jackets cups, etc
Crypto Farm murch is live but the NFT printing will start after the mint date


PHASE 3 – 2023 In Progress
$Cfarm TOKEN

Soon after the first collection deployed we will begin the development of our own Cfarm TOKEN smart contract, holders of the Cfarm NFTs will be able to stake their NFT to receive our $Cfarm token, and you can also buy crypto farm murch with it.


In Progress PHASE 4 – 2023

As a Crypto farm holder, you will be able to stake your NFT to earn $Cfarm token, this token will be used to purchase with in the future project.


PHASE 5 – 2023 In Progress
community dao

The NFT Fund opens and begins to take suggestions from holders thro our DAO system. The founders and analysts will then validate the projects regarding their potential and quality. The holders will then vote whether they want the fund to invest in the approved projects.


In Progress PHASE 6 – 2023

when 100% of crypto farm sold out 3333 of mutants Crypto Farm will be deployed for crypto farm merging and it will also come with a staking mechanism


PHASE 7 – 2023 In Progress

Provide all remaining utility that we promised the community with.
crypto farm game
crypto farm Raffles
crypto farm Merging

Additional Info

Pre-sale date: 01/28/2023.

WL- it’s too easy, click on participate channel on discord and follow the instruction to finish all your tasks

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