Crypto Pills by Micha Klein - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Escaped from a lab, dropped from a van, on receipt from the doctor, or over the counter; Crypto-Pills are here to make you happy!
10,000 unique characters (based on Micha Klein’s infamous Pillman character, that Eminem brought on his first tour in 2000), are algorithmically generated and live on the blockchain.
They are all uniquely suited to cure your FOMO, but some are rarer than others.

Your Crypto-Pill doubles as your Crypto-Pills Pharmacy membership card and grants access to member exclusive benefits.

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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Crypto Pills by Micha Klein NFT Roadmap

August 2021
Project sales start with physical exhibition in STart Gallery, K11 Museum, Hong KongArtist donates 5% of of sales to Save The Children Charity for children in need worldwide, which is written in the Smart Contract for full transparencyAirdrop of 10 Crypto Pills to random Pill owners and upgraded role in Discord for holders by number of pills

September 2021
Airdrop of 10 Crypto Pills to random Pill owners
2 POAPS with future utility released for white list and official launch minters
The 20 most active Pill owner members in the Discord server received a physical OG Pillman Giclee print of their Crypto-Pill Edition 1/1, and signed by artist
Crypto Pills Billboard on Times Square with release POAP for all holders
Production of a pair of handmade custom Crypto Pills sneakers started for winner raffle
The project enters the Metaverse; CryptoVoxels land purchased on Vibes Island for Pill Parties, and Crypto Pills Club / Gallery build
3D Pillman AR Snapchat Filter released

October 2021
30 limited edition official Crypto Pills T-Shirts for the most active and loyal members on our Discord and Clubhouse
Airdrops of Crypto Pills wearables by Eddy Gangland for Cryptovoxels with big party in Cryptovoxels
NFTX Liquidity Pool implemented
Start of the DTP Pharmacy exclusive merch shop.
Presentation of test for animated shorts with 3D and 2D animations & Collaboration with Hollywood director announced Announcement $PILLCOIN token for community economics
Free Halloween airdrop for top holders and giveaway of 60 Spooky Pills limited edition and 1/1 NFTs Halloween POAP in 3K resolution for all holders with future utility released

November 2021
Artist & founder of Crypto Pills awarded Best Digital NFT Artist 2021 at NFT.NYC Convention New York
Crypto Pills sponsors NFT Hypebeast party, New York
Crypto Pills sponsors launch party, New York

December 2021
Release Crypto Pill Rap Anthem by US Rap artist Artzy
Thanksgiving Pills airdrops for qualified holders
Christmas Pills drop, all sales were donated to Save The Children charity
New Year’s Party in Cryptovoxels.

January 2022
Release of Crypto Pills Origins web3 video game beta.
Holders can login with Metamask and use one of their Crypto Pills as character.
Start of the Crypto Pills Merch give aways.
Everyone buying 3 pills in Q1 gets free t-shirt. 6 pills: free sweater, 9 pills free hoodie, 15 pills free skateboard. for every 25 sales a t-shirt is raffled.

February 2022
Crypto Pills to the Moon part 1. A 24 carat gold physical Crypto Pill was launched into space, and received at the International Space Station, where it will stay and circle the earth for one year, before it returns to earth.
Part 2; It’s next journey, will be in 2023, to it’s final destination. It will be aboard the moon lander and stay on the moon forever, as the first NFT project on the moon.

March 2022
A custom pair of Nike / Crypto Pills sneakers is sent out to raffle winner. filming for documentary, with interview Micha is done in Bali.
It will be broadcasted internationally and channels like Amazon and many others. Launch new Crypto Pills Website Bridge merch store and Metamask.

April 2022
Partnership Traits Sniper
Crypto Pills on CoinbaseNFT launch.
Launch new Crypto Pills Website
Bridge DTP merch store and Metamask.
Release of first exclusive Crypto Pills Merch collection, with regular drops planned throughout the year.
Release Crypto Pills Anthem 3D animated video clip / NFT
This is the Crypto Pills project’s first musical NFT with original music by US rapper Artzy, who worked with Busta Rhymes. The NFT will be free to mint for all Crypto Pills holders.

May 2022
3D OG Pillman NFT drop.
This will be a collection of 7 different Metaverse ready 3D NFTs with unlockable content. They will be free to mint for Crypto Pills holders.
Collaboration with the Zedge mobile customization application for the launch of their Easy NFT platform. The Zedge app has been downloaded more than 436 million times, has 30 million monthly active users as of August 31, 2020 and has consistently averaged in the ‘Top 60’ most popular free apps in Google Play in the US.
Crypto Pills will launch animated screensavers as NFT on the platform creating a huge increase in eyeballs on the original collection. There will be full support from Zedge for the marketing of this event.
Updates on the Crypto Pills Origins Video game.

June 2022
Release generative Lil’ Pills PFP project.
Based on the Crypto Pills with new traits added relevant to younger collectors, this collection will follow the ‘head shot’ format suitable for use as PFP,
The collection will be free to mint for a limited time window for all Crypto Pills holders.
Distribution will be 1 Lil’ Pill for each Crypto Pill in the holder’s wallet.
Lil’ Pills will be a great way to generate clear visibility in the PFP space, and will get their own P2E game.

July 2022
Release Crypto Pills Origins video game for mobile.
Collaboration with Zedge for promotion
Release Pillcoin token, for use across the Crypto Pills ecosystem

August 2022
To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Crypto Pills collection, will release the metaverse ready generative 3D Crypto Pills collection.
Free to mint for Crypto Pills holders.

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