Crypto Wilson - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Crypto Wilson is a unique and exclusive collection of 10,000 colorful and funny NFTs living on the Polygon Blockchain (ERC721). The idea arises with the intention of creating a character that reflects true friendship, in a time when things are not going so well, the bonds of friendship represent the most important thing in the development of humanity

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Crypto Wilson NFT Roadmap

1. First Quarter Roadmap
More than happy to launch CRYPTO WILSON NFT Collection, to be able to share with you the plans we have to grow this incredible idea.

2. Launch Social Platforms
Start the development stage of our communication channels, in order to make the NFT community known about CRYPTO WILSON, starting developing the Instagram, Twitter and Discord accounts in order to be in contact with you and share all project information. We will start with our giveaways to celebrate our first appearance.
3. Marketing and Presale
Expand our CRYPTO WILSON universe, developing marketing campaigns to reach a greater number of audience, launching our whitelist for an ‘early bird’ price.
4. Minting Collection
Kick off our direct sales in our CRYPTO WILSON Minting Dapp and in our Opensea page. Start our giveaways to increase our reach and reward loyal followers and supporters.
5. Reach the Metaverse
Being able to position ourselves as industry leaders, locating opportunities to interact with the blockchain environment and its main references. Be part of this movement that will change the way we interact, think and develop. Create a place where friendship exceeds all limits.. and more, more to come!

Additional Info

We intend that this project generates a network of friendship that establishes sympathy, trust, affection, support among the community and that collectors receive benefits through their NFTs.

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