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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Stylish Tokens is a collection of 100 unique NFT´s on the Ethereum Blockchain.
The collection will fund the CryptoDalva proyect. The project is focused on helping new artist to enter in the world of Web3 an teaching them how to create and sell NFT´s.
In order to meet our goals, CryptoDalva is creating a free NFT course for everyone. It will consist of 3 courses and various guides so that other artists can see the pontencial of this new disruptive world and can be part of it safely.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

CryptoDalva NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

September 8, 2021 – September 29, 2022
First collection made by Dalva: Stylish Tokens.
Mining of the first 25 NFT’s (1-25).

Phase 2

September 29, 2022- September 9, 2023
Mining of the next 25 NFT’s from the Stylish Tokens collection (26-50)
First public sale: the first 25 NFT of the collection Stylish Tokens will be put up for sale.
Second collection: Stylish Coins: 300 NFT’s.

Phase 3

September 9, 2023 – September 29, 2024
Mining of the last NFT’s of the Stylish Tokens collection (51-100)
Third collection1: Stylish Characters: 10 unique NFTs.

Additional Info

For more information on goals, roadmap, tokenomics, collections and academia visit our website.


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