Cyber Snails Official - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The upload has succeeded, 3333 Cyber Snails made it through. Join the discord to access the alpha section with your Cyber Snail.

Welcome to a world where $UPLOAD governs the decisions of society. Cyber Keys and Cyber Chips are valuable assets in the Cyber Verse, but the entry ticket is a Cyber Snail.

OWNER COUNT: Currently, the owner’s statistics shown by OpenSea is inaccurate for this collection due to staking.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Cyber Snails Official NFT Roadmap

The Portal Opens…

Cyber Keys are distributed to those who solve the riddles. Only 1000 make it through.

Key holders choose who they want to bring with them during The Upload – selecting specific blue-chip projects to let into the locked Discord.

The Discord opens to the remaining public as The Upload approaches. Cyber Key holders are secured a place with 2 whitelist mints each along with future utility of 2x $UPLOAD accrual and early alpha access.

Others join The Selected for 1 whitelist place each based on their community contribution.

The Upload Begins…

The public launch of the Cyber Snails Collection will allow whitelisted addresses to be minted first. Key holders will have double mints available. Then the public will have their chance at securing a Cyber Snail.

Once the upload has successfully completed, each Cyber Snail will start yielding $UPLOAD daily and holders will have access to the Snails Alpha Service, Alpha tools, Investment Fund and other utility described in the whitepaper.

The investment fund run by the founders and team will take off and the LP will receive consistent profits from the trades.

Building the Cyberverse…

After the launch of the main Cyber Snail collection, the main focus is running the investment fund, maturing the Snails Alpha Service and building the Alpha Tools and Cyber Chip NFT drop along with related utility.

Read more in the whitepaper.

The project will continue and scale recruiting more talent to the investment operations in order to build a consistent and collected community of absolute printers.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!