Cyfur Key Hunt - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A value backed NFT project. Building our own part of the metaverse.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Cyfur Key Hunt NFT Roadmap

Genesis Development

Development of the Genesis drop.

Trailer Launch

Cyfurs trailer goes live on YouTube.

The Hunt Begins

The trailer definitely rewards a rewatch…

Hac_Key Minting Begins

Those that have completed the hunt gain access to mint a Hac_Key and special access on the discord.

Posh_Key Minting Begins

Posh_key clues are released and the keys can be minted to those that crack the code. Rarer than Hac_Keys they might require team work… Guild buddies unite!

CID_Key Minting Begins

CID wakes up and drops his new friends his key. Welcome to the DAO.

Surprise Airdrop

Members that have shown their skills will be rewarded.

Cyfur Minting Begins

Prepare to mint your companion!

Cyfur Minting 25%

Wallet drops with 0.25, 0.5, 1ETH, more NFTs and much more.

Cyfur Minting 50%


Cyfur Minting 75%

Mystic Multiplying Events. Some Cyfurs will randomly start to multiply.

Cyfur Minting 100%

We intend to leave minting open until all 7,420 spots have been filled.

Trailer 2 Launch

Cyfurs trailer 2 packed with Cyfur lore goes live on YouTube.

The Hunt Continues

Another video. Another challenge. Rewards come in crypto gold. Work together and win.

Into the Cryptoverse

Officially launch the DAO. CID goes crazy and all gain knowledge. Read more here.

Cyfur Base Goes Live in Unreal Engine

Arc has already been busy building our base (see trailer). Bring your companion and join us in our very own part of the Metaverse. Built on Unreal

Into the Unknown

Meetups in the Cyfurs base, metaverse projects, DeFi, Lazy DeFi, P2E gaming,

Lottery and much, much more. Read more here.

Roadmap Part II

With the DAO launched, gaming guilds live, meet ups happening. It’s time for the next stage of the plan. Everyone with a Cyfur has a say on where go next… LLAP

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