DAHCOR - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

DAHCOR is a sports brand coming into the Ethereum NFT Space. Aside from the ART and AR featured on each collectible, a DAHCOR Genesis NFT will give access to a lot of utilities, perks, benefits, and a lot more community-related matters. Besides being the Gen-1, these unique collectibles give their holders all types of unmatched cred that increase the value of their NFTs.

Some of the benefits that come with being a Genesis holder include the following:
⦁Guaranteed whitelist spots
⦁ Mod placements
⦁ NFT airdrop privileges
⦁ Participating in exclusive collectible auctions
⦁ Invitesto IRL events or events in the Metaverse
⦁ Alpha group access
⦁ First priority with any future projects.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


01.12.22 – 30.12.22

– Web3 website launch
– Official Twitter & Discord activation
– Creation of the Board of Creators
– Creators program activation
– Genesis Collection 1st Edition Mint
– TheCOR3 Open Mint
– DAO announcement
– DAHCOIN presentation
– BYO Beta version online
– VR Art Gallery launch

01.01.23 – 30.06.23

– Drop of monthly Exclusive NFT Collections
– Tokenomics publication
– Whitepaper disclosure
– Launch of the SCART CITY Marketplace
– Genesis Collection 2nd Edition Mint
– Release of the final version of the BYO
– BYO digital wearables interoperability
–  DAHCOR DAO launch.
– DAHCOIN Private sale
– DAHCOR P2E APP Beta version

01.07.23 – 30.11.23

– Drop of monthly NFT Collections
– DAHCOIN Public sale
– Exchange Listing
– Genesis Collection 3rd Edition Mint
– DAHCOR R&D incubator activation
– DAHCOR P2E APP final version launch

2023 → 2025

Additional Info

Presale Date: December 8, 2022
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