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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

D.C.I. (Degen Corporate International)
D.C.I. aims to portray unity of the WEB3 and NFT ethos (culture) in one unique and fully animated collection. For that reason the collection is filled with famous crypto references ranging from famous NFTs, memes… Throughout our journey you will witness a story of an average Degenerate. Euphoria, sadness, FOMO, distress, are all products of volatile market conditions that we brothers/sisters Degenerates have to face every day. Journey consists out of 10 stages, each stage unlocks new mechanic and reward that plays essential role in the D.C.I.’s ecosystem. Stages unlock every 7-20 days and will help you progress faster in our company. Visit our website for more hints on the stages.

Degen Corporate International represents a company where one can release their inner degen. Dive in the depths of web3 with DCI, a place that showcases a traditional culture of Degenerates hopping on the hottest NFT drops, flipping NFTs, maximising their leverage and getting wiped out.
DCI is produced by the culture, for the culture.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

DCI NFT Roadmap

Throughout the journey your setup will change many time before reaching final stages. Based on the setup you have, it will reflect loyalty you have for D.C.I.

Although this change is minor, remember that you are a degenerate, not all months are equally profitable.

Additional Info

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