Deviant Alien Collective - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Deviant Alien Collective is a collection of 10,000 unique, collectible NFTs consisting of more than a hundred unique, hand-drawn traits. Some of these visual traits are rare, legendary, and divine!

However, these Aliens offer more beyond their cool look and rarity. If you are one of the lucky first 1,000 minters, you will receive one free physical product of your choice for free, delivered worldwide! The remaining 9,000 will receive a one-time 50% off from our shop, applicable to any products of their choosing.

With the ownership of one Deviant Alien NFT, you will receive exclusive benefits, such as the ability to receive AirDrops, you will have access to cool merch, and will receive other exclusive benefits. When sold out, only holders will have access to the exclusive Community DAO.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Deviant Alien Collective NFT Roadmap

2022. 03. 27. 17:00 GMT+1
Whitelist Sale Launch
-Our collection will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is where the community matures and gets to know the project as well as one another.
-Our Whitelist Spots are now open and you may win or achieve one through our Discord. There will be only 500 Whitelist spots available.
-Our Whitelisted members will be able to mint for 0.045 Ethereum, two NFTs per wallet.

2020. 03. 30. 17:00 GMT+1
Pre-Sale Launch
-This will be a three day period where anyone can get a Deviant Alien NFT for 0.055 Ethereum, up to ten pieces per transaction.

2020. 04. 03. 17:00 GMT+1
Public Launch
-From this point on, the minting price will be 0.065 Ethereum until sold out.

2020. 04. 06. 17:00 GMT+1
The Reveal
-At this point, all currently minted Deviant Alien NFTs will be revealed! To celebrate such an important event, we will AirDrop 5 Deviant Aliens to 5 hodlers!

Phase One
The Merch
-After minting 1,000 Deviant Aliens, the shop opens to our hodlers. During this phase, the first 1,000 lucky minters will be able to claim their merch or physical product. They receive these items for free. The resf of the 9,000 minters will receive 50% off for any merch of physical products of their choosing.
Periodically, during this phase our hodlers will be able to participate in raffles and contest with

Phase Two
Hodler Benefits
-Until we launch Phase Three, we will periodically hold raffles and giveaways for our hodlers, with various rewards, including AirDrops, cash prizes or free merch.

Phase Three
-The Deviant Alien Collective community, DAO, will be formed during this phase. The DAOs Vault will be filled with 25% of all profits made so far. The project’s future direction will be determined by its community from this point forward. For the community, by the community.

Additional Info

Original idea, original art.