Dick Faces NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

9,100 uniquely generated Dick faces that have migrated to the warmer network of Solana. Drawn by hand and assembled by code, no two Dick Faces are the same.
Each DICK FACES is a both collectible art piece that will give you access to our exclusive airdrops for DICK FACES holders.
Our project focuses on 4 aspects: Utility, Growth, Community and Social actions.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Dick Faces NFT NFT Roadmap

2022 – Launch April 10TH, 5PM UTC

First generation of DICK FACES NFT
Launch all 9,100 algorithmically generated DICK FACES NFT to our awesome community.

2022 – Next stage after launch

Opening of the secondary market in Solana
At the end of the mint, you will be able to sell and buy DICK FACES NFT on Solanart, the benchmark marketplace on Solana with more than 100M dollars volume.

Q3 – 2022 (Or before)

Exclusive Airdrop for all DICK FACES holders
Holding a DICK FACES NFT puts you in the running to receive an extremely rare and exclusive Solana edition NFT! The more you hold – the more chances of receiving one.

Q3 – 2022 (Or before)

Merchandise and contests
More than an NFT, the DICK FACES NFT will become a lifestyle. Competitions will be organized to win prizes of your favorite DICK FACES.

2022 – During community interactions

Let’s decide what to do next
Community is the heart of the DICK FACES NFT project. Will decide together the direction to follow for the most badass DICK FACES in Solana.

Additional Info

We turn a feature into a comic art