Digital Animals iOS - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Digital Animals is your pass to the Souls Club ecosystem:‬ ‪- The play-to-mint game for iOS/Android ‪- 888 Legendary collection – different 1/1 art of animated animals available through burning the crystals traded or collected in game,‬ ‪- Digital Dynamic Soul that’s a representation of you, driven by AI‬, ‪- SafeSoul browser security extension simulates transaction and More On 29th of December at 10 pm GMT right after celebrating the Christmas we are inviting you to join our ✨Legendary predictions party✨ No rules No hosts Just warm get-together with the fam to give a try at your possible game prize

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Digital Animals iOS NFT Roadmap

– main

The first and most important collection, we are very excited and want it to be epic.
Basing on your Twitter and wallet we generate personal digital soul that is inlaid into animal.

– soul evolution

The merging of souls, this is an ambitious plan that we want to implement in the near future.

– the game

A talented team to create the game is packed and ready. All the sound will be designed by igor.

We already have built the game engine and prepared assets, so you can check demo here.

After collecting 50% we will be able to continue game development.

– collaboration

We are already working with several artists and planing regular collaborations with talented creators who will get all the profits from collaborative arts.

Large part of the budget will be spent on project promotion and collaborations, which will increase NFT

– community

We are building strong and engaging community, where members get access to a private club with special benefits.

– metaverse

Everyone knows about the metaverse and wants to travel with their characters to different worlds. We also dream of seeing this, and as soon as standardization appears, we will provide NFT holders with a 3D model including animations.

– soul rebirth

Do you believe in the relocation of souls??
For example, generating your soul by same algorithm. And this soul you can mint as single NFT or take to other projects.

– future drops

The creation of the first drop inspired us to create many new worlds – insects, microorganisms, stars and planets.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!