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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

When a troop of 3,333 Mandrill Sphinx heard their cousins’ camps had been deserted, nine Mandrills embarked on a quest in search of the CyberKongz and Bored Apes.

A few days into the nine Mandrills’ journey, they stopped at a field of mushrooms to feast. The Mandrills slipped into a hallucinogenic high and found themselves floating in the sky. They spotted a yacht full of partying apes. At first glance, they thought they were their cousins, the Bored Apes. As they soared closer, they realized they were actually seeing into the future.

Once the high wore off, the nine Mandrills returned to share the mushrooms with the rest of the troop. All 3,333 Mandrill Sphinx tripped together and shared a vision of the future of the metaverse.

The nine Mandrills were elected kings. Now, they lead the troop in their NFT quests, working towards their shared vision. Exactly what they saw? They’ve promised to tell us soon.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Dizzy Mandrills NFT Roadmap

1. Mutations

As the troop experiments with hallucinogens, a handful of Dizzy Mandrills will mutate, bringing forth new, rare traits. Holders will get free airdrops of the mutant NFT.

2. Huge Collaboration

The Dizzy Mandrills will partner with their favorite human projects, artists, and opinion leaders. Active members of the Dizzy Mandrills Society get to have their say in collaborations, too.

3. Dizzy Mandrills Currency

Our genius Elon Musk Mandrills are working on the Dizzy Mandrills currency utility, key to the future of our society in the metaverse, and also holding one of our NFTs will provide you access to our resources and private investors group.

4. Evolution of the Ranks

The King Mandrills appreciate the insight of humans. The more active you are in the community, the higher your ranking will be, unlocking more decisions you get to have a voice in our future projects.


Additional Info

🌟 The long awaited day has finally arrived. We are announcing our Mint dates. We can’t wait. 🌟

📅Public Sale : Nov 10 – 5 PM UTC
💵 Mint Price : #Free

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