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Project Description

Dogs mafia is the most detailed, rarity style nft project

We have twelve different characters and 5000 nft. Each character is presented in two poses with different accessories. Only boss differs from other characters by having five poses instead of two

We will conduct a random mint to ensure fairness and to give everyone a chance to get high-ranked characters. Each individual address will be able to mint two nfts on whitelist mint, therefore on public mint, each address will be capable of minting three nfts. The private minting price for the nft will be (tba) eth, and the public mint will start at (tba) eth.

I. Boss – dobi genovese / 50 nft

Dogs mafia boss also known as the don or dogfather is the head of the mafia family and is in charge of a criminal organization. He has full control over the other members of the organization and his decisions are unwritten rules. Nobody in the family can deny or argue against his final verdict excluding consigliere if his point of view is based on arguments. Dogfathers are feared for their ruthlessness and their everyday lifestyle.

Ii. Underboss – antonio bonanno / 250 nft

Underboss is second in command after the don in dogs mafia crime family. His power and influence applies to everyone under him, which includes caporegime, soldato and associates. Most of the time underboss is a family member of dogfather, can be his son, nephew or just a close relative, but it does not mean that other trusted family members can’t become one. He is in charge of daily business operations and tax percentage. Underboss is chosen and appointed by the boss himself and in case of the don’s death, sickness, imprisonment or any unforeseen scenario, the underboss takes full control over the family and he becomes the dogfather of dogs mafia family.

Iii. Consigliere – donatello mancini / 250 nft

Consigliere aka don’s right-hand man is one of the most trusted members of dogs mafia family. He is also referred as an advisor or a counselor of don and he is the top third position after boss and underboss to the family administration. His responsibility also includes, representing the boss in important meetings. He also does the important jobs for the family, which includes strategy, diplomacy, finance advice, bribery and politics. It is safe to say that a consigliere could also be referred as the most intelligent member in dogs mafia family. He is chosen according to his skills, such as: knowledge, diplomacy, cleverness, respect, rational view, ruthlessness, mastermind, sophisticated and his intuitiveness. Consigliere is a very honorable title for his career and he is a well respected person in the family. Consigliere is also widely known for being able to argue with don’s decision with his own arguments, if he feels that his decision could lead the family into downfall.

Iv. Caporegime – ere d’ambrosi , lucky gambino / 475 nft / 950 nft

Caporegime also known as a capo or a captain is one of the high ranking dog in dogsmafia family. Caporegime is made dog for the family and is in charge of his own crew of soldiers. He usually gives orders and instructions to his crew and reports his acts to the higher ranking dogs in the family. Captain is also very ruthless, clever, intellectual and loyal to his family.

V. Soldato – edoardo berlusconi , vito ricci , vincenzo rossi / 500 nft / 1500 nft

Soldato also known as soldier is first official level and rank in dogs mafia crime family. Solders usually do the dirtiest work in the family in order to prove their loyalty and skills. Soldatos usually are specially trained dogs to do the family’s dirtiest and most important work, which includes contract killing, torture, beating, threats, kidnap, witness disappearance, tax collecting and defending family honor. It’s widely known that soldiers make relatively small amounts of money for their jobs. In dogs mafia family caporegime is in charge of the soldiers and they do anything that their captain commands them to do.

Vi. Assosciate – mateo lorenzi , enzo lucchese , sony lorenzi , fabrizio gozzi / 500 nft / 2000 nft

Associates are not the actual members of the mafia, but they work with the mafia and its soldiers under capos influence. An associate could be any kind of a dog, who could be working as a lawyer, police officer, official face, banker, politician or any kind of a dog who gives profitable information to dogs mafia family. Associates usually work on day to day bases with soldiers and they have twice as more to prove to the family to become made dog and to hold mafia’s first official rank, soldier status. Associates status are up to further consideration, depending on their loyalty and respect towards the family to be able to become its part one day.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Dogs Mafia NFT Roadmap


We will conduct a random Mint to ensure fairness and to give everyone a chance to get high-ranked characters. Each individual address will be able to mint two NFTs on whitelist mint…


After Dogs Mafia will be fully minted, we will create a film about the detailed history of Dogs Mafia. All buyers who own or have owned Dogs Mafia NFT will have a historical chance to obtain…


We are not going to stop there, our desire is to create Mafia Coin. Mafia Coin will be distributed to all people who bought our NFT on Mint and who own the NFT at the time when the tokens will be distributed…


Our goal is to create Mafia City on the Metaverse. Mafia City is the place where everything is governed by mafia families, this is the place where criminal disputes, rivalry between clans, war and death reign…

Additional Info

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