DonMaltiner - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Would like to invite you to the DonMaltiner NFT World. Have a quick look into our whitepaper and find out what it’s all about.
It provides content about the whole background of the project, our vision and planned milestones.
Our NFT-Art relate to 1940/1950s gangster lifes and will enter several markets in Q4 2022

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

DonMaltiner NFT Roadmap

**Q3 | 2022**

**In the third quarter we will finally start the project after an extensive conceptual and development phase. **

-🔹Go-Live Website, Discord, Instagram & Twitter
-🔹Designing DonMaltiner Art
-🔹Initial Marketing Campaign
-🔹Giveaways Discord & Twitter, Collabs with other projects
-🔹Verifying Doxing Team & market places
-🔹Whitelist PreMint + DonMaltiner Airdrop
-🔹Discord & Twitter Space (Chat with the team) Check Donmaltiner Chat

**Q4 | 2022**

**In the fourth quarter, the project gets hot because of the high quality NFT Don Drops we can’t wait to anchor for and who will come at a high pace velocity.**

-🔹PREMINT & MINT 1111 Donmaltiner come to the neighborhood
**Drop I (1111x male Dons)**
-🔹 High Class Youtuber, Discord & Twitter Promotion
-🔹 Collabs with other Big Projects, Big Giveaways on Social Media
-🔹 Giving Back $2,5k – Community voted
**Drop II (1111x baby Dons)**
-🔹 Promotion, Social Media, Big Giveaways & Collabs WebApp or Smartphone Game (planned)
-🔹 Brand development and Merchandise Shop (NFT T-Shirts/Caps)
-🔹 Giving Back $2,5k – Community voted
**Drop III (3.333x 3D Dons)**
-🔹 Promotion, Social Media, Big Giveaways & Collabs
-🔹 Special Guest and surprise gift for Holders and community
-🔹 Giving Back $5k – Community voted

**Q1 | 2023**

**For the planned implementations in future projects, we will publish detailed information soon.**

-🔹**Drop IV (2222x HQ special**) (planned)
-🔹DAO DEV1 (planned,in Work)
-🔹Metaverse (planned,in Work)
-🔹Big promotion for future projects

Additional Info


Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!