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Project Description

Welcome to the Duck All Ecosystem created by Duck All Labs LLC, here you can find several collections for your Holder, Stake, DAO Token, DeFi mining and with a focus on the creation of the first sustainable underground crypto mining plant with wind and solar energy, which you can also visit through VR for the management of your assets, Boveda everything for ducks.

9000 NFTs Solana Blockchain

Roadmap available

Boveda Access

* The distribution of project resources will be distributed in this way:

Development: 30%
Crypto mining: 40%
Marketing & community: 10%
Team: 10%
Backup financial: 10%

the development department will be responsible for creating everything that corresponds to DAO Token, Stake, Cryptocurrency, Platforms and website for ecosystem tools.

the Crypto department will be responsible for the creation of the plant and the purchase of the technology of rig mineros to mine our crypto, add value and implement the necessary technology, close contracts with solar and wind power plants.

The marketing department is in charge of generating the community, discord, web and face-to-face events, brand design and products to position the brand in the community, raffles and prizes to promote the project.

the team will keep that percentage to continue the creation of NFT collections acquire technology for the design of NFT of higher quality, 3D modeling and subsequent collections presented by this first stage of the project.

the financial backup department will invest this percentage to acquire greater financial benefit with financial institutions, developers, artists and even create a Startup to support and promote technological businesses, collections, metaverses, NFT, Web3 and Blockchain developments.

Welcome to Duck All by Duck All Labs collections in Solana and Ethereum Blockchain, the vault will give you access to the bathroom to get your benefits in the other collections and DAO distribution.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Duck All Yc Free Mint NFT Roadmap

Launch on Solana Blockchain
(9k NFTs Mint & 1K Auction)

Opening with solana launch for Discord creation, Web development and DAOs.
creation of pool for asset valuation and pre-evaluation of Mining Power Plant.
Launch on Ethereum
(8K NFTs Mint & 2k Auction)

Collection of investment funds for power plants and obtaining high technology for mining plant, acquisition of solar panels for sustainable energy and mining rig (test).
Token Duck Dollar DAO & Crypto
NFT and WEB3 valuation

DAO Token is created for valuation of NFTs and marketing and merchandising, where holders can obtain accessories with the brand.
Collaboration with urban and digital artists

Events with global artists both urban and digital for identity and brand, injection of resources for exploitation of community talents.
Implementation of Mining Plants
Sustainable energy and high-tech mining rigs

With a valuation above what is required, the high-tech mining plants will be implemented with technological inputs, software and hardware for passive income and investment remuneration of our members.
Creation of VC DAYC
investment in Startup

Signature and support with financial and trading companies for the purchase with the right to projects of WEB3, Blochckain, Metaversos and DAOs. valuation will be supported with cross-investment funds to increase resources for both investors and project members.
Exhibitions, tours and donations
DAYC World Exhibition

A tour of the mining plant will be enabled, as well as global coordinated events for digital art exhibition and collaboration with other projects, it will be contributed jointly to the decision of investors and members of children’s foundations to support

Additional Info

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