Eder Loza 🇨🇭 NFT Collection - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Eder Loza a Swiss designer 🇨🇭 proclaimed the NFT project ✨Astrodata✨ it’s about unique watches ⌚ paired with NFTs PHYGITALS be one of the first to join the collection is unique!

🌟Swiss watch manufacturer
🌟Doxxed Team
🌟Unique NFTs
🌟The world’s first unique phygital watch!
🌟TOP ideas
🌟Lots more to look forward to!

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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Eder Loza 🇨🇭 NFT Collection NFT Roadmap

Step 1
(End of 2022)

Trinity NFT pre-sale
Before the start of the AstroData project competition, Eder Loza will put 300 Trinity NFTs up for sale at a bargain price of 0.3 ETH.

Step 2
(End of 2022)

Join the community on Discord
Upon reaching 10,000 active users on the Discord server, the start date of the competition will be announced

Step 3
(End of 2022)

Collect NFTs and participate in Discord challenges
As soon as the competition starts, participants will have 5 weeks to earn as many points as possible, either by buying Trinity NFTs on ederloza.com, or by winning Unity NFTs on Discord.

Step 4
(Early 2023)

Win the AstroData and rewards
At the end of the competition, the participant with the most points will win the AstroData watch and its digital NFT copy. Depending on how many points they’ve earned, the remaining participants may receive pieces of fine Swiss jewelry.

Step 5
(Summer 2023)

Attend the first Eder Loza Club event
Members of the Eder Loza Club will be invited to a gala evening to meet Eder Loza in person and preview more of his work.

Step 6

Become and remain a member of the Eder Loza Club
While waiting for the next project to be released in 2023, Eder Loza invites you to become and remain an owner of a Trinity NFT in order to enjoy the many perks reserved for Eder Loza Club members.

Step 7

Next project
In the next chapter of Eder Loza’s brand, a new unique watch design will be unveiled as well as new pieces of fine Swiss jewelry.

Additional Info

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