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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

High quality 3D Vray designs designed by our in house artist. 10,000 mint on AVAX at $88 priced in AVAX. World’s first Eggnite project partnered with Chikn.farms, upgradable NFTs, game launch and NFT sniper is just the beginning.

The Chikn project has built a great community, loyal, engaged and active. Their success on Avax has positioned them as one of the leaders of NFTs in this space. As they continue to develop their tri-token formula and expand into maturity, Edgy Eggs are here to help. Our utility of operation for Egg NFTs offers holders the opportunity to generate efficient profit from a large investment portfolio in and around the Chikn ecosystem, be able to snipe NFT floors before anyone else across initially AVAX and soon ETH and collect the best art (so far, until our artists’ next creation…maybe whitelists available

Is it all about Chikns? No, although a large part of the bonus utility to Edgy Eggs are the rewards attached to the NFTs, our core idea is the fun art and community we are building leading into the game…

As we discuss in the roadmap, we have already mapped out a development schedule for the PVP game in Unreal 5 in both web-hosted and downloadable formats. Edgy Eggs will expand into a universe of competitive gaming with concepts for both live-action RPG and turn-based Worms-eske battle styles. All whilst utilising your personal NFTs as character skins. And, whilst all this is being developed we’ll still be releasing side projects to reward Edgy Egg holders for being part of the community. Our first release will be the NFT sniper.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

EdgyEggs NFTs NFT Roadmap

Stage 1 (~Q4 2022
– 100% mint of Edgy Egg NFTs

Stage 2 (!Q1 2023)
– Game development budget allocations and investment in hiring portfolio for required roles

Stage 3 (~Q2 2023+)
– Investment portfolio review with emphasis on LP allocations and ROI

Full details – https://eggbook.edgyeggs.wtf/extras/roadmap

Additional Info

MINT 12TH NOV (WL 4pm UTC) (5pm UTC)

(website offline WL we connect contracts)
MArketplace – *link will be released soon*


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