Elemento Dragons - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

“Elemento Dragons” is a collection of 8888 uniquely generated NFTs launching soon! The utilities are multiple: as a holder of an NFT, you will be the owner of a card of a character in a future animated series, have the opportunity to participate in activities specific to Elemento Dragons, all on the metaverse. However, the main focus is put on staking, charity donations, royalties and giving back to holders.

By purchasing an Elemento Dragons NFT you would be helping the team launch an astonishing, creative project and giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that the team will fulfill the roadmap and ensure the long term promises of this project are met.

The world is growing, changing, and evolving into a place where investing in NFTs is a must to keep up with the rapid growth of technology. Don’t miss out and become part of the Elemento Dragons family today.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Elemento Dragons NFT Roadmap


-Genesis NFT Launch

-Surprise Reveals

-Unleash the Dragons


-Staking & Royalties

-Beta Game Launch

-Animated series trailer

-ED Ecosystem


-Phase 2 NFT Revealed

-Holders Whitelist

-Holders surprise reveal


-Phase 2 NFT launch

-Phase 2 Revealed

-Animated Series Premiere

-Surprise announcement

Additional Info

We mainly set ourselves apart from the rest by our desire and work to build a solid community, as demonstrated by our blossoming Discord server. Despite being close to launch date, we’re working as hard as ever to keep our people happy, showing them that we are not building this franchise on empty promises, but on honesty and transparency.