Elulands - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Elulands is a free, modern, and truly player-driven MMORPG game that integrates a true economic system powered by the Binance Smart Chain.

It is a world in which players control the world through land ownership, and where resources are tokenized as valuable non-fungible trading crypto collectibles, which are acquired by playing objectives rather than through loot boxes or cash shops.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Elulands NFT Roadmap

Q1 – 2022 Completed
Conceptualization of Elulands

Q2 – 2022 Completed
Elulands Development Started

Q3 – 2022 Completed
Elulands Website Launched

Q4 – 2022 In-Progress
Whitelisting Event Arboreum Land Sale

Whitelist Winners Announcement
Next round of whitelisters – Discord Event
Arboreum Land Sale
Distribution of Arboreum Lands (NFTs)
Elulands Ambassador Recruitment
NFTs Marketplace Development

Q1 – 2023 Not yet Started
Gameplay Teaser
NFTs Marketplace Launch
Tokenomics Conceptualization
Elulands Game Development
Q2 – 2023 Not yet Started
Elulands Token IDO
Continous Game Development
Staking System Development
Closed Alpha of Elulands
Q3 – 2023 Not yet Started
Open Beta of Elulands
Staking System Launch
In-game and Web3 Resources Marketplace Development
Bridging and Withdrawing Web3 site Development
Earn System Development
Continous Game Development
Q4 – 2023 Not yet Started
Elulands Game Server Launch
Bridging and Withdrawing Web3 Site Launch
In-game and Web3 Resources Marketplace Launch
PVP and PVE (Dungeon) Development
Guild War, Raids (Boss or Instances), and In Game Events Development
Earn System Launch
Q1 – 2024 Not yet Started
PVP and PVE (Dungeons) Launching
Continous Game Development
Continous Game Development
Q2 – 2024 Not yet Started
Guild War, Raids (Boss or Instances), and In-Game Events Launching
Continous Game Development

Additional Info

Land Sale Whitelist: elu.gg/land

Prices of the NFTs of Elulands are different per type of Lands (NFTs) we have.

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