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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

We are a project of NFT’s in the Ethereum network, which gives the benefit of generating rewards to holders who own an Evil Kong. The project is composed of three waves of NFTs, where each new wave you can get more rewards.
All users who own an Evil Kong receive a lifetime membership to earn rewards with their NFT, will have the possibility to send them to the staking area whenever they wish and will be able to claim rewards every day that can be exchanged for any other token.

Learn more about Evil Kongs:

Website: https://evilkongs.art

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Evil Kongs NFT Roadmap


– Launch of 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum Network. [Wave 1].
– Whitelist for 100 free mint slots.
– A format will be created via gleam.io where you will have to perform certain tasks in order to participate in the contest.
– Minting of 9,900 NFTs for 0.025 ETH – 5 per wallet.

Evil Token

– Launch of official “Evil” token on the polygon network.
– The intention of having the token on the Polygon network and receiving the rewards in Polygon is to make the cost per fee more viable for the user.
– 150,000,000 Evil Tokens.
– 50,000,000, will be released in the first wave to be farmed.
– They will be released in quantities.


– Opening of staking area.
– The staking zone interface will be enabled a few days after the start of minting, but staking will not be possible until the established goal of 40 – 50% of minting has been met.
– Opening of public faucet – Roulette with 10,000,000 Evil Tokens.
– The faucet is intended to be public for a certain period of time, after which it will be closed only to users who own an Evil Kong NFT.

Liquidity on Token

– The token value will be defined once 40 or 50% of the minting is completed.
– In this way, you will be able to obtain a much greater reward than you have invested.
– Each time a new wave is released and reaches 40% or 50% minting, value will be added to the token, thus further increasing the value of the token.
– Each liquidity that we add to the token will be completely blocked.
– It is intended to make dynamics with this token, in which you will be able to add liquidity to the token, to get more benefits and rewards such as special NFTs and weekly token bonuses.

Evil Kongs – The Game

– Launch of Android game.
– You can earn the “Evil” Token by playing.
– New NFTs, with which you can also do staking.
– The reason for launching a game is to make this project a fun one, where any user will be able to choose between just staking or go kill time while earning our token.

Community Contact

– Dynamics to win special NFT.
– Contests to win the token.
– Prizes and raffles in ETH and Evil Token.
– A suggestion box will be opened, where you can propose new dynamics to make this more fun.

Season 2

– Launch of 8,000 NFTs. [Wave 2].
– 3D designs.
– Awards for project holders.
– More liquidity will be provided to the token and profits will be increased.
– In this second wave we will be looking for important collaborations.
– Users who have decided to hold Evil Kongs and the Evil Token will be rewarded with NFTs airdrops and more Tokens.
– For the second season, we plan to add more features to our platform, such as; a Casino, a DEX, a Yield Farming, Staking Tokens, among others.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/evil-kongs

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