FACA ( Fine-Ass CryptoApes ) - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

FACA or Fine-Ass CryptoApes is a limited collection of 777 randomly generated pixel-Ape characters. Each FACA is unique with several attributes that altogether define its scarcity level. This is the only batch ever-produced at our Factory.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

FACA ( Fine-Ass CryptoApes ) NFT Roadmap

Transparent milestones with emphasis to give back to the community.
We have sold total of 700 FACA and reserved 77 more FACA for post-mint activity reward/community building. Here, we have already activated following milestones:

a. My FACA feature is activated on website

b. Lab feature will be activated on website for FACA Prime co-creation ( date TBA )

c. Part of 77 reserved FACA will be raffled out for FACA holders ( we call you FACA OG )

After we finished distributing those 77 FACA, the collection will be complete at 777 total FACA. Legendary FACA not released will be scooped up to build a new collection on a separate contract called FACA: the lost collection ( details TBA )


FACA project was built with utility. If you are a FACA holder, FACA will enable you to participate in FACA Prime pixel art co-creation. This NFT will go on auction with kick-off bid ( a portion of project proceeds ). The auction proceed will finally be evenly distributed back to all FACA holders.

Additional Info


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