Fat Chimpions Alpha - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Fat Chimpions is a limited edition nft On Solana

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Fat Chimpions Alpha NFT Roadmap

Expand and Nurture
– Spread the word out. Multiverse is real. Our first step is to expand and nurture our current community as move forward with this project. Want to empower every member. So, can grow not just as a community, but as a family.

Minting goes live
– Stay tuned! The minting date will be revealed soon.

Community Vault
– The Community Vault will also be launched along with the Minting. Once all Fat Chimpions NFTs are recruited, $50k will be set aside to be given to a selected charity organization. The community will decide which organization will give it to. The vault will hold $50k and continue adding 30% of royalties. These funds will be used for rewards, airdrops, gifts, to give back to the community and make it grow.

Merch Drop
– Fat Chimpions holders will receive exclusive merch such as T-shirts, keychains, lanyards, etc. These, of course, will be funded by the community vault.

– The team also thought of having exclusive collectibles. It could be toys, plushies, figurines, etc. How cool is that?

Partnering with Web 2.0
– Currently, already talking with several brands and businesses for partnership. Looking for a way for the project to spread out in the real world, not just in the crypto space. Imagine your Fat Chimpions NFT on a face on a can of beer. Cool, right?

Exclusive IRL Events
– Mark your calendars! Planning on organizing IRL Meet-ups, exhibits, parties, and many more to help grow and expand beyond digital experience.

Additional Info