Funny Bears - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Funny Bears is a collection of 3333 funny bears on Solana.

Each bear serve as membership card club and provice access to the holder benefits.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Funny Bears NFT Roadmap

1. Launching
Create talented team of devs, artists, team managers and moderators passionate about our project.
Launch website, Twitter, Discord and write white paper.
Build solid community of NFT lovers and investors.

2. Promotion
Grow and boost our community with marketing campaign.
Reward our members for contribution in our community with whitelists and special roles with benefits.
Collaborate with leading communities, best advisors and influencers in NFT world to build brand awareness, create partnerships and grow organically.

3. Mint
Launch mint when our mint day comes. First launch whitelist mint and after public mint.
Just after our sold out list our collection on Magic Eden, the largest Solana’s #1 marketplace.
Raised money from our mints will be used for building our DAO and investing in our future projects.

4. Building our DAO
Run private holders chat where we decide our future plans and investments.
Run holders verification service.
Run rarity and floor price checker services for our collection.
Run sale and list alert services for our collection.
Our holders will get access to whitelist sales for all our future collections.

5. Run DAO crypto utilities
Run private channel with VIP crypto signals.
Run private channel with crypto news.
Run private channel with daily fear and greed index updates.
Run private channel with new crypto listings alerts.

6. Run DAO NFT tools
Run private channel with all daily mints on Solana so you can easily track and find high quality mints.
Run private channel with one hour mints so you can join all new mints on Solana easily.
Run private channel with detailed analysis of all tomorrow mints on Solana.
Run private channel with Famous Fox Federation new tokens alerts.
Run private channel channel with time scheduled list of all daily mints on Solana.
Run private channel with the list of top upvoted Magic Eden upvoted mints.
Run private channel channel with new listings monitor on Magic Eden.
Run private channel for tracking that big influencers and wealthy individuals are buying, selling or listing on secondary markets.

7. Run DAO NFT analytics tools
Run private channel with news from NFT world.
Run twitter monitor channel where you can track tweets from the top NFT influencers.
Run private channel with trending mints on Solana where data collected each 15 minutes.
Run private channel with degen mints schedule.
Run private channel with insights, news, analytics and educational materials from NFT world.

8. Run our token and staking
Launch our token $BEAR.
Run staking service for our collection with $BEAR daily rewards.
Create giveaways and raffles with token $BEAR with prizes.

9. Run DAO mobile apps
Develop NFT mobile apps for our community with early access for our holders.

10. World and Metaverse expansion
Make collaborations with well-known brands.
Create world class merchandise with our collection.
Run IRL events across the world.
Launch our project in Metaverse.

Additional Info

Mint – 21 August.
Mint price – 0.065 SOL.

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!