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Project Description

Gamechangers issues Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs), that allows startups and companies to create powerful communities by incentivizing supporters for the completion of microtasks.

By introducing a new NFT ecosystem and marketplace, Gamechangers enables companies to tap into the power of the crowd through microtasks by granting licenses of various kinds in exchange for rewards such as revenue sharing and commissions.

The Gamechangers “Master-NFLT” provides the following advantages:

Your earnings
For all NFLTs you hold, you will earn revenue shares and commissions – in exchange for some microtasks.

Fixed Price
If you reserved your spot for e.g. $5, you will be offered all future NFLTs for $5 as well.

Limited Seats
There are and always will be only 5,000 Master-NFLTs.

All NFLTs are tradable on secondary marketplaces.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities Master NFLT Drop NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Minting is Live! 8/5

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