Gamers King V1 - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Gamers King was born in the lab of a mad artist famously known as Dondyaul under the command of our KingV1 and KingV2.

Gamers King intended to expand its community to the world by making Gamers as our niche which made up 41% of the total world population.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Gamers King V1 NFT Roadmap

-Gamers King V1 Launch
-Giveaways SOLDOUT (2 xNFT) – 1 xOkay Bears & 1 xPrimates
-LAUNCH OF $GKING and staking begins – GAMERS KING is powered by $GKING
-Mint Gamers King V1 upgrade attachments & send them to Portal.
-Upgrade The OG Gamers to Gamers X / Gamers Y / Gamers Z using $GKING
-Raffle Marketplace – For holders
-Game Event – Collaboration Competition
-Raffle Marketplace – Public
Roadmap 2.0 Release

Additional Info

Market: SOON

$10 (SOL)

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